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Kirki 313

Asheville, North Carolina

Chartered February 1966

The KIRKI chapter of Asheville, North Carolina was founded in February,1966 and has thrived with a steadfast group of members who have been both resilient and creative in order to succeed even during challenging times. We have recently had several members rewarded with pins for their many years of service.


We have taken trips to wineries, embarked on large events and presentations with board members of shelters for homeless children in foster care systems, helped domestic abuse victims with large donations of much needed personal supplies, clothing, coats and gift cards, and donated food supplies to homeless veterans at the Veterans Quarters of Asheville.


We have visited the court systems where judges have had to make tough decisions on the placement of needy children without families.


Our fund raisers have included raffles for beautiful, gourmet hostess baskets, and our annual event with our fellow AHEPANS has included a large fundraiser luncheon, open to the entire city of Asheville.


Our plans in the near future include the purchase of Christmas gifts for needy children, and a community raffle of Amazon gift cards.


Our KIRKI chapter is devoted to the mission of helping others in philanthropy projects, serving in civic duties, and enjoying the highly treasured fellowship among our community of KIRKI Sisters!

Kirki lunch 2022 10 22.jpg

Oct 2022. Lunch with DG Sondra

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