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Become a Member.  Join the Daughters of Penelope

Experience it all:  Sisterhood - Philanthropy - Opportunity

Embrace your potential as a woman.

Embrace the strength of our sisterhood.

Embrace the "Power of We".

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To find a DOP chapter in Capital District 3 near you,
please contact us at:

Chapters in Capital District 3 are in or near the following cities:

Hermione 011:  Washington, DC

Alcmene 027:  Baltimore, MD

Antiklea 068:  Richmond, VA

Ktimene 070:  Greensboro, NC

Venus 102:  Charlotte, NC

Helle 283:  Alexandria, VA

Arion 298:  Silver Spring, MD

Kirki 313:  Asheville, NC

Charis Eleni 337:  Newport News, VA

Harmonia 366:  Charlottesville, VA

Hestia 416:  Fayetteville, NC

Galene 451: Ocean City, MD

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