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About Us


The Mission of the Daughters of Penelope is to promote Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, Family and Individual Excellence.

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The Daughters of Penelope was the realization of Alexandra Apostolides' dream. Her desire was to create a woman’s organization and because of her perseverance and the encouragement of her husband Dr. Emanuel Apostolides, a devoted AHEPAN, she formed EOS Chapter#1 with 25 charter members on November 16, 1929 in San Francisco, California.  She was elected the first Grand President of the organization in 1931.


Alexandra Apostolides


The objectives of the Daughters of Penelope are to encourage and promote loyalty to the country in which they live, cultivate the ideals and traditions of Hellenism, promote opportunities of education and promote the spirit of cooperation while working closely and in harmony with the entire AHEPA Family.

The Daughters of Penelope is non-partisan and non-denominational.


Capital District 3 of the Daughters of Penelope offers an annual scholarship to a qualified candidate. Chapters within the District also honor education excellence through scholarships or other awards.

A national scholarship is awarded by the Daughters of Penelope Foundation, Inc.

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